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In the realm of food production, the “eat local” movement has reminded us that local foods can be the highest quality foods. Amid the countless varieties of cookie-cutter pizzas that line the frozen food sections of our grocery and convenience store coolers, OvenWorks Pizza stands as the perfect embodiment of this principle.

Started over 20 years ago by a Wisconsin couple, OvenWorks continues to excel and expand its market share in an economic age often defined by business failings and belt tightening.

How does OvenWorks even compete with, let alone outshine other brands backed by the deep-pockets of much larger corporate entities? What is it that makes this pizza so extraordinary? Say CHEESE! OvenWorks loads every pizza with five of the world’s most sought after cheeses, including Mozzarella, Romano, Parmesan, provolone and cheddar. And that’s just the beginning.“We put all that cheese on our special crust with our secret pizza sauce and spices,” says owner Alan Lee. “We then add in premium sausage, pepperoni and fresh toppings.” He speaks modestly, for every single pizza gets individual attention by the human hands that make them. Every ingredient is layered on individually. The result is a hand-crafted pizza that keeps the consumer coming back for more. Read more…
Linked to courtesy of Four Seasons, June 5, 2010