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Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Original OvenWorks Pizza is still as high quality of a product as it was back in the late 80s when James “Jimmy Boy” Edming started the company. Switching owners in 2006, the business is now in the hands of its president, Alan Lee, and his wife Wendy Wells, who also serves as vice-president.

Based in Glen Flora, the factory is a USDA facility “where each pizza is handcrafted by the dedicated team,” said Wells. Eau Claire also hosts a distribution center and corporate offi ce for the business, which employs 8-10 employees between the two cities. The company has a full-time staff, along with several family members who also help out, but “the full-time staff is really the backbone of OvenWorks Pizza,” says Lee. “Our dedicated teams of employees who work from our Glen Flora and Eau Claire locations are the key to making everything run smoothly.” Read more……
Linked to courtesy of The Star News, October 18, 2012